What is it? Answers LXX

Sunday, June 26, 2005

382. The following three objects are all shirt cuff holders but are sometimes sold as playing card holdouts which were used for cheating by secretly bringing a card from outside the game into the player's hand.

2-1/2" long, patented Jan 25, 1875, similar to patent number 368,305. This one is attached to a shirt like a cuff link.

The Wizard cuff holder or cuff fastener, patent number 397,119:

383. Probably for either sheet metal or upholstery.

384. Oarlock

385. Branding iron

386. This is a 1/1 ratio multiple spindle tapping head for a CNC mount.

387. A pinch dog for use by a woodworker, "when driven into end grain along a joint, these simple steel "clamps" draw boards tightly together for gluing up panels, table or bench tops."

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